Ebony & Ivory Restoration
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Furniture Restoration

When you need furniture restoration services that you can rely on, we are on the job! From stone to marble we have everything you need to get antique furniture or well-loved furniture back to exceptional condition. We will also help restore your grand piano!

Furniture is an investment, especially if it is made of marble, granite, or onyx. We will buff out scratches, and bring a shine back to your fine furniture at the most affordable price. Different materials require different restoration focuses, as some stones are porous, and others denser. We will give the utmost in care to your furniture.

Furniture Repair

Furniture is an investment, and oftentimes it carries years of memories. Keep those memories going strong with our fine furniture restoration services Refinishing can help with many things – changing the color of an old armoire, to cleaning up scratches and nicks.

If you’ve recently bought an old antique that you wish to restore, fear not! We can handle fragile furniture and bring it back to excellent condition. If you have a piano, we can get the keys back to that perfect gloss and keep it going for years.

Piano Service

A piano is a beautiful, priceless instrument. However, though they are hardy and last years, they can wear down with use. Bring your grand piano back to great condition with our expert restoration services.

From cleaning and sanding to tuning, we will be sure that your piano plays as good as the day you first bought it! But when is a piano beyond help? Usually, that is if the cabinet or frame of the piano is so damaged that it cannot be rebuilt. But this is rare. If this case is not you – your piano can be restored! Bring it in and get it back to spectacular condition!

Stone Restoration

Do you need to restore granite countertops? Some cleaners can scratch and cause damage to stone. Avoid cleaners that have lemon juice, or other acidic cleaners, which will etch the stone. Ammonia can dull the surface as well.

Gentle dish soap or a neutral pH all-purpose cleaner can help keep your stone clean and glossy for many years. This will also save you money in the long run. If you have cracks, scratches, or marring in your natural stone, call us to restore it to perfect condition.

Marble Restoration

Instead of wasting your money on brand new marble, take advantage of our thorough marble restoration service! Our trained technicians are skilled in damaged and worn marble back to its original state so it can keep its beautiful shine!

Marble is the type of material that requires preventative maintenance from a professional who can deliver the special care it needs in order for it to remain aesthetically appealing. Whether you’re dealing with chips or cracks, we’ll take the time to carefully clean, repair, and refurbish marble to make it like new again!